The days were getting colder and we rode with lots of warm clothes and rain suits. Our last stay in the tent was the coldest we ever experienced while travelling. Lucky being out of season the hotel rooms were relatively inexpensive and we were able to book only a day in advance or at some places just pitch up without a booking. When in Italy, visiting Romeo and Juliet’s home town is a must. Verona is a picturesque and romantic town with street vendors and beautiful old buildings. The Verona’s Roman Arena is the third largest in Italy (after the Roman Colosseum and the arena in Capua). 

Corso Porta Borsari.

Verona claims to have more Roman ruins than any Italian city other than Rome.  Sauntering along one of Verona’s most famous shopping streets, the Corso Porta Borsari, the locals hardly seem to notice the magnificent, exceptionally well-preserved Roman gate as they pass under its great arches.

The statue have been removed in early 2104. Too many people wanted to touched her boob for good luck.
The statue have been removed in early 2014. Too many people wanted to touch her boob for good luck.
Juliet’s balcony.
View over Verona from Castel San Pietro


Roads made for motorcycles! Italy is small but it boosts some of the best motorcycle riding roads in the world. With the Italians being such passionate bikers they will be quick to show and tell about their favourite scenic routes. From along the huge cliffs of the Amalfi coast to the towering passes in the Alps, no car or bus or any other mode of transport would be able to punch one in the face with such vigor and pure happiness that a bike can do.

The road over the Alps from Venice to Innsbruck is absolutely spectacular. We were warned not to spend too much time before heading over the Alps as it could snow and then we will be stuck in Italy.

Going through the Alps
The mountains reach into the clouds, with some of the most scenics roads in the world.

Coffee stop.

Popular hang- out place in summer for bikers. Never ending twisties.

Italy is best taken slow with lots of time available for scenic drives, hanging out at local bars and the local foods. Camping is a blast and cheap with campsites in every town. Bread and a 2 Euro bottles of red wine is all you need!

Well there you have it. Only five reasons to get to Italy and enjoy it by motorcycle. There are loads more reasons but that’s your own to find out.

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