Ethiopia – Adventure overlanding a country with incredible beauty and people coping in a challenging socio environment.

Ethiopia, of saints and scoundrels PART2 04/2011

Back to the future! The Ethiopian calendar, is called Ge’ez calendar. In short it means the entire world is in 2011 and they are in 2004. Ethiopian_calendar Addis the capital of Ethiopia is a quirky, eccentric, art deco and seriously vibrant city. People play, wine and dine at night in the […]

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Ethiopia, of saints and scoundrels part1 01/04/2011

We were in heated negotiations with black market petrol suppliers trying our utmost best to obtain a few liters of petrol to get us to Addis. The town of Arba Minch half way between Omorate where we crossed the border from Kenya and Addis was engulf in dry sweltering midday […]

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