Inspirational stuff

Inspiraitonal stuff from other adventure riders and overland travellers. Quote, who they are and what they are up to


MOTORCYCLE TRAVEL INSPIRATION Still thinking up lame excuses why you are not planning your lifetime trip? With an intense burning desire to see the world these gnarly travellers tackled the bull by the horns and got things done. They are not celebs with back up crews. They are unsupported, self-funded […]

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Inspirational quotes

Travel quotes from motorcycle overlanders

Feeling a bit embarrassed to say we love some inspirational travel quotes. Some travel quotes, however, succeed to highlight the real truths about adventure, life and travel. Motorcycle overlanders are a rather different bunch of misfits with a bizarre taste for the unknown and a healthy dose of adventure spirit. We […]

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Travellers we have met

Vagabonds unite! James came down the East side of Africa with his normal 2001 GS heading towards SA. He started 2009 August. Ted also came down the East Coast and also quit his job to do this trip. He travelled South America and Europe before trying Africa. He insisted a […]

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