Gear & Equipment Reviews what is hot & what not

Some of the cool travel equipment and gear we use that has worked for us.

You’ve been there, wanting to buy an outdoor product and been baffled about which product is best and will suit your requirements? Or, worse, bought a product only to learn later that you didn’t buy the right one for your needs?

We’ve been there too and that is the reason for this section.

There’s some good quality travel gear available on the market. It’s all about balance. Your choice is between paying a testicle and half a square meter of scrotum skin for an over spec branded tent for example or be a cheapskate and buy one which won’t last a month.

The gear and equipment we list we have used for an extended time, therefore we are happy to put our nuts on the line and vouch for what we are punting. We have not received any kit from sponsors.  Any brand loyalty I have is based on long-term personal experience and nothing more.  So any judgements I may pass on the kit I am using are entirely impartial.

Garmin Zumo 660 Motorcycle/Auto GPS

Finding your way. The hardcore and fun way is to still make use of maps. Current day gnarly adventurers deal with a lot more roads than 100 years ago. Spending time searching for routes and roads on a map steal time from the enjoyment of riding.

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Multi fuel stoves

ATG – All Terrain Gear Multi fuel stove

ATG – All Terrain Gear Multi fuel stove Not much went wrong with this stove over the last 17 months of travel. Used nearly every day, twice a day it only needed a couple of O-rings once in a while and regular cleaning due to the dirty fuel. Preparing the […]

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Leatherman Charge ALX

Leatherman Charge ALX This tool has been an invaluable part of our kit. In fact if we had to list the top 5 absolute must have items which to pack and have our Leatherman tools There’s not much I can say other than there’s only one brand to consider when […]

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SEO7r Ledlenser headlight.

Ledlenser -Not all lights are created equally. There are bucket loads of headlamps on the market. From the cheap and dodgy type to the fake brands and then the real deal headlamps that will perform the way the brand claim and will last for years. Obviously affordability is a big […]

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