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Entries and journals from overlanding adventure touring USA and Central America

The Big Apple – a Pictorial

That stunning song Alicia Keys performs so well make me think of New York every time I hear it. Elsebie has been to New York, or Manhattan a few years ago for work. I have never been there but the song for me makes me think about scenes of old […]

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Travel Warning for Baja California


baja california-motorcycle-adventure-pikipiki-76
Baja California

The latest travel warning for Baja was updated by the PIkiPiki Department of Stop-Being-Stupid-and-Scared in April 2016. The delay time for the update was unfortunately in part the reality of bureaucracy between the real world and this publication. Despite the alarming statistics coming out of Baja California from travellers having a whale shark of a time, we made it our mission to visit Baja to confirm the warnings.

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Monument Valley Utah

Why de hell would you want to visit the United States?

Why the hell would anyone want to travel the USA? For a start, let’s face it the US lacks the variety of wildlife found in Africa and Australia. Okay, they do have ferocious rattlesnakes, hoards of squirrels and a lot of suicidal deer crossing roads at dawn or dusk. Although […]

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