These are tracks we rode were logged with the REVER application. It is a trip planner and logger with your cell phone and it is also sharable and the tracks can be downloaded. The roads are not just dirt. It is interesting roads that we rode with either great views or landscapes or twisties. The kind of roads that is worth sharing.

Our route map since we started can be found here`

One of the nicest tracks in the Copper Canyon, well in our opinion. It’s all dirt track and there are some mind blowing landscapes. If it has been raining a lot the one river might not be passable.

The track with some of the most mind blowing vistas over the Copper Canyon. It’s nice switchbacks  on both sides going up or down.

All tar road but a stunning scenic road to ride.

Some of the best twisties we have ridden in Mexico! Play time!

Stunning scenic road with fun twisties and a few small towns to add to the fun.