Short video clips to put a smile on your dial

These are no blockbuster Steven Spielberg productions but made just for fun and a smile.

Creating small video clips turned out to be much more work than we initially anticipated. It is still a helluva lot of fun to create these quick overviews of journeys on motorbikes. Maybe it just gets your wanderlust going.

Dakar 2018 in Peru –

From our dear friends Avvida “The Dakar is an awesome race, just getting there is a huge task for the competitors, finishing it is a massive achievement that is not to be taken lightly. We were lucky enough to experience the 2018 Dakar with our friends and it was such an awesome experience, if you can get there you won’t be disappointed. Thanks to Michnus, Elsebie, Craig & Roy (the ‘Saffers’), John & Nick (the ‘Aussie’s’), and Sata & Matheo eo(the Ecuadoreans) for an Awesome Dakar 2018!!.”


Travelling Ecuador for 3 months on motorcycles.

From the Amazon to Chimborazo volcano at near 6000m altitude. Riding parts of the majestic Andes mountains. And eventually the beautiful coast and its quirky wildlife. What makes Ecuador so special? It’s people!
Music: YSE Saint Laur’Ant – Forever Mind

Short clip of some of the amazing riding and fun to be had in Colombia

Apologies it is not a Nat Geo docu. It is the first time I tried timelapse and with pure luck I was able to get these photos to create the video clip of volcano Fuego erupting in Guatemala. Viewed from the roof of our hotel in Antigua just before 6am the morning. The volcano summit is at 3763 m and is known as a Stratovolcano volcano. At 36sec is a closer view. The total time from the explosion to where I stopped was about 15mins -20mins.

More info from “In a special report from 2 February, INSIVUMEH noted increased activity at Fuego characterized by explosions occurring every 5-15 minutes. Ash plumes rose as high as 750 m and drifted 15 km W, causing ashfall in areas downwind including Sangre de Cristo and San Pedro Yepocapa. During 2-7 February explosions generated ash plumes that rose 0.4-1.1 km above the crater and drifted at most 12 km NW, W, SW, and S. Incandescent material was ejected 150 m high, and avalanches traveled down the Taniluyá (SW) and Ceniza (SSW) drainages. Shock waves from explosions rattled nearby structures.”

Go see the world! Short clip to whet your appetite for travel, exploring and adventure on motorcycle riding.

France videologue– Some light entertainment riding through France. Pretty cool country to experience on a bike, camping, drinking wine, châteaux and the French charm. Fernweh France 2min 38sec

Africa videologue – Stupid enough we took no video from our 11 months journey from South Africa to Italy. In the end we concocted this slide show video clip from our photographs to create this very, very short film: South Africa to Italy in 1min 40sec.

Bit of Portugal for Instagram: Go on a trip with someone fun!

France for Instagram: Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and start celebrating the journey.

Europe for Instagram: Today was good, Today was fun, tomorrow is another one.

WORK HARD TRAVEL HARDER HD from PikiPiki Motorcycle travel on Vimeo.