Yebo yes!

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Michnus and Elsebie, our passions are motorcycle overland travel, amateurish photography, drinking beer and hit up friendships with quirky people.

To fill you in, our home is in East London, South Africa but our hearts are in discovering the joys and mysteries of the world. With a combined age of 90 we decided now was the time to travel, on top of that we decided to leave immediately in order to make it to the other-side without too many aches and pains.

Why do we do it? Our odyssey is not to set records, or a quick passing through to get the passport stamp. Our travels have no expiry, it’s our way of life.
We travel slow and continuously because we are curious about the world, have a passionate craving for distant places, we love adventure enduro, to explore, love to meet interesting people & cultures that will challenge our own beliefs and views. But most importantly experience and see the amazing places on this small globe we live.

Best of all:

No time to waste with the rat race and didn’t want to oneday look back and say “if only we did that” or “why did we not start earlier” or “life is so short”  and you only realise these things once the eyesight has gone blurry. So we set off in December 2010 on a journey through the length of Africa on our ‘piki piki’s’ (Swahili word for small motorbikes ), it was the beginning of ‘scratching our itch’ and all we can say is….please let it never stop!

 Some things we have learnt whilst travelling:

  • Travel need not be a bank breaker.
  • The world is not such a dangerous place made out to be.
  • People are generally friendly and helpful towards motorcycle travellers.
  • Life and adventure is so much more prickling when leaving the comfort zone.
  • Whatever excuse you sell yourself not to get up and go is just that, an excuse. It all just depends on your passion to make it happen.

Adventure type travel is so much more than just body and soul breaking, Bear Grylls, drag your bike through the Amazon, extreme activities. Travelling with your own transport, be it a bicycle, motorcycle or car, you take the road less travelled, have a beer and share a meal with locals, share experiences with people, get rid of prejudice and trying to make sense of the world. Let them tell you what you must go see and experience. These are the kind of things a normal tourist and travel bloggers never see.

 “Travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. “ 

Uganda Equator marker
Pikipiki is the Swahili word for motorcycle.

There’s tourist and travellers, there’s travellers and then there are overlander travellers.

Millions of blogs document tourist type travel and the term traveller and adventure is loosely used to try to disguise a tourist. Fly – backpackers – taxi or bus and visit the most famous places – fly back.

One of the most important reason for the blog is to inspire and encourage overlander travellers, backpackers and everyone else interested in travelling to start planning that epic trip. We have learned so much from other overlander bloggers, forums and people and we are grateful for them. This is our small part to give back and help.
Not just that, but be an inspiration to whatever you consider your adventure. Offer reassurances, positive tips and motivation to those who dare explore the world. Real travellers deal with a whole lot of different circumstances while exploring new exciting places.  As example, deal with customs and vehicle transport issues. As an overlander you are much more vulnerable and exposed and not in the comfort of a tour group or on the main stream travellers backpacker routes.  You experience the real flavour and smells of a country its people and it’s culture.

With our blog maybe we can inspire you with new ideas for your next trip or adventure.
Or show you something new that you have never seen before.
Maybe attempt to put a smile on your dial.
Challenge your assumptions about distant countries and people.
Do not make the same mistakes as us.

and all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be

Why share our personal travelling life you ask?

We have been fortunate to be able to travel. There are many people who will never be able to travel to such an extend. Hopefully we can inspire you to embark on your own unique & challenging travel adventures and expeditions.

-Keep in touch with the travel world and meet other travellers doing the same thing.

-Record memories. Some of the best memories we ever made were while travelling. We don’t want to forget these incredible times and our blog has become a memory bank to us our family and friends.

-Be a real, honest resource to other travellers and their planning. Sometimes paid travel writers and bloggers trying to earn money gets a bad rap because of ‘The deep blue sea winked me closer and the hotel was fabulous’ more often than not its exaggerated and their experiences happen far away from the reader. Travel writing must be with humour, powerful and personal, unpolished, and portray the messy truth of travel, told by a regular Joe. Travel writing implies honesty, research and actually been there done that have the t-shirt, the ability to tell it like it is. Being the lucky bastard.

Personal blogs from travellers that have actually visited places, made the mistakes and experienced the places first hand are a very credible and information rich source. We will try our level best to add information that will be of value. 

Please feel free to contact us for recommendation or for some reassurance or just advice.