Egypt – The old Pharaohs would not be happy meeting the new inhabitants of the lands of Sphinx and Pyramids. Stories from the old country.

Egypt- In search of the old Egyptians part 3. 2012/10/25

With a 200% deposit on a Carnet de passage just for Egypt we knew the slow wheels of bureaucracy in Egypt will test our patience. The day we landed in South Africa while Elsebie went to book into hospital for her knee, I went to the Egyptian embassy in Pretoria. […]

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After our stint in Ethiopia having to beg, kick and kill for petrol, we thought petrol would be an easier commodity to come by in Egypt. Well as it turns out, the Arab spring protest had a huge influence on the supply countrywide. Petrol in Egypt normally cost around R3-00 […]

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Penning our experience with Egypt took me some time. It’s got more to do with the aberrant manner of Egypt. Take caution not to become cynical about Egyptians and try and see the real Egypt and people. But let me tell you the story and you can decide for yourself. […]

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