Adventure enduro stories from one of the most beautiful landscaped countries on the African continent.

Namibia – Caprivi. 2010/12/10

In the corner of Zimabwe, Zambia and Namibia this small piece of heaven is part of the Okavango, Zambesi  Kwando and Chobe rivers . The smell and fresh air after a heavy thunderstorm is the kind of memory that embeds into the brain forever.

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!Khai!Khari!-! & !Urihab (Damara for cold beers and motorbikes) 08/12/2010

Damara for cold beers and motorbikes Swakopmund certainly is picturesque with street cafes, restaurants, good Eisbein and even bad tempered Germans!  Without boring you, a must visit is the Village Café enough data to send you too many pictures, but definitely worth a visit, the best food and value for […]

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Bikes and Boobs in Namibia

What can be better than that? Sure real boobs would make a difference! We stayed over in Ai-Ais, the revamped Ai-Ais that is. They say it took R30milj to get the place in tip top shape again, it definitely shows. It’s a great place to relax for a day or […]

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