Gear & Equipment Reviews what is hot & what not

Some of the cool travel equipment and gear we use that has worked for us.

You’ve been there, wanting to buy an outdoor product and been baffled about which product is best and will suit your requirements? Or, worse, bought a product only to learn later that you didn’t buy the right one for your needs?

We’ve been there too and that is the reason for this section.

There’s some good quality travel gear available on the market. It’s all about balance. Your choice is between paying a testicle and half a square meter of scrotum skin for an over spec branded tent for example or be a cheapskate and buy one which won’t last a month.

The gear and equipment we list we have used for an extended time, therefore we are happy to put our nuts on the line and vouch for what we are punting. We have not received any kit from sponsors.  Any brand loyalty I have is based on long-term personal experience and nothing more.  So any judgements I may pass on the kit I am using are entirely impartial.

Leatt Knee braces C-frame

Why are so few Adventure riders using knee-braces?

Proper knee braces should be part of every serious adventure or dual-sport riders kit   And also a review on the Leatt C-frame knee braces we have been using the last 2years and 30000km It is a good question, and we only really came to think about it when Elsebie ran […]

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Earplugs makes riding a motorcycle safer.

Why earplugs makes riding motorcycle safer and a review of the Alpine Hearing Protection Motorcycle earplugs If you want to walk around when you are old with impaired hearing and keep responding with a “Whaaat did you say?” to your kids cheating at board games, then keep riding without proper […]

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Review Falco Avantour Adventure boot

Review – Falco Avantour Adventure motorcycle boots

After using the popular BMW Savannah for more than 6 years it was time for new boots. The BMW boots were a good mix for light off road and road use, with a proper waterproof membrane. We needed more ankle protection and they had just had their time.

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