All the motorcycles adventures in Bolivia – Salar, Unuyni the death road, and laguna route

Allan karl Worldrider chat Michnus Elsebie PikiPikiOverland

Chat with Allan Karl – All the moto travel nonsense

It was such a cool lighthearted chat, we spoke about everything moto travel related. If you have the time and a glass of wine, or whatever your poison, enjoy the nonsense we spoke with Allan 😜🤟 “After Ten Years Traveling They’re Stuck In Bolivia For Five Months And CountingMeet Michnus Olivier & Elsebie Olivier of PikiPiki Overland — This South African couple has been travelling the world on motorcycles for ten […]

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Roadbook magazine motorcycle travel interview video pikipiki

RoadBook magazine South America Interview

Roadbook is one of the finest motorcycle adventure magazines in Italy. They asked us a few questions on the lockdown and our trip through South America in the last few months. Although in lockdown there is always stuff happening.We discuss what will happen after lockdown, how will travel change in the future. 

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Gravel Travel podcast with JJ le Roux

Podcast with JJ le Roux – Gravel Travel

JJ is a soundmixer with a love of adventure motorbiking. Sharing his love for podcasts and stories it is a great match to start a podcast hosting travellers and their stories. We had the honor to be the first on his show. We chatted about the lockdown and the riding around this big rock of us as a couple and everything going with that.The 2nd episode in a while.Please subscribe to […]

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