Malawi – Scenes and stories while we explore a country with a beautiful clear water lake.

Malawi and the spirits of Ewan and Charley 29/01/2011

Malawi and the spirits of Ewan and Charley The parts for the bike took longer than expected and I still had to get the bolt that broke off in the water pump casing fixed. That in itself is a problem sitting at Monkey Bay. It is not the kind of […]

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Zambia and Malawi the expedition continue.

Victoria falls Zambia side They say if things go too well, Murphy will end it soon enough.  Much did we know that when entering Zambia from Katimo Mulilo border post. Fawlty Towers backpackers in Livingston, a vibrant hip happenin spot. If ever you end up in Livingston across the road […]

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