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Angola it is not what they said.. Motorcycle adv on the doodsakker Angola it is not like they said..

Some fine writing by Erik Maré aka Metaljokeckey. It is a trip on the coast of Angola which was a first attempt to ride this piece of uninhabitable piece of earth. It was touch and go or we had to donate the bikes to sea. It is now known as the “The Doodsakker” roughly translated as the Acre of Death.

The most epic legendary motorcycle adventure trip like no other on the coast of Angola

Namaqua land, and the three adventurous girls.

Namaqua land, and the three adventurous girls.

From the onset, this was going to be a trip like no other. For one its going to be the woman first proper, challenge yourself-type trip, and to add some fun to the trip Metaljockey’s 4 year old daughter accompanied us. We could not do this trip without her, she loves riding bike, and this was going to be good fun for her.

Lesotho sani pass motorcycle adventure

Sani pass – Lesotho long weekend

The plan is to stay in Himeville on the foot of Sani Pass, the next day to Katsi dam through Thaba Tseka. From there to Tele bridge and then Lauden’s neck to Barkley East and back to East London. It is technically not a difficult ride, except for all the rain that we got on the trip. The scenery is like nothing else in South Africa, this place is special, the people friendly and lost in time, and I will be visiting Lesotho again and again. Himeville arms lodge, best food and a great place to stay.

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