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Practical tips, advice and information for adventurers and travellers. Overland hacks offering some basic advice and know-how to making a trip enjoyable.

Different ways of jumping the Darien Gap

We added our option to the list of ways to cross the Darien Gap between Panama and Colombia. AdventureRiderRadio wrote this great article on different ways to cross the gap for overlanders.

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Earplugs makes riding a motorcycle safer.

Why earplugs makes riding motorcycle safer and a review of the Alpine Hearing Protection Motorcycle earplugs If you want to walk around when you are old with impaired hearing and keep responding with a “Whaaat did you say?” to your kids cheating at board games, then keep riding without proper […]

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world nomads - medical travel insurance

Travel medical health insurance why you need to consider it.

Travel Medical Insurance is one of the last things we thought about that much and normally just pay it and get it over with. We should have covered this topic a long time ago as it’s such an important part of overlanding and travel. But better late than never? Travel […]

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Sponsorship advice for brands and riders

A bit of a weighty article for Overland Junction magazine I wrote about the pitfalls, benefits and tips for brands and adventurers thinking of going the sponsorship route. Hopefully it can assist people and brands so both win from the experience. The decision has been made to travel the world […]

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Travel Etiquette, how not to embarrass your mom.

how to earn money while travelling-motorcycle-adventure-pikipikiTravelling for extended periods places you in situations where you are not only out of your own comfort zone but also often in someone else’s comfort zone. People all over the world are inherently inviting and friendly. We were swamped with invitations to meals and stay overs and these experiences often become some of our most treasured memories. We also learned that what we thought to be normal manners, etiquette and conduct for us was not the same for others.

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How to earn income while travelling like a pauper

Have stories to tell not stuff to show.

With a bit of planning, traveling fairly cheaply is possible anywhere in the world. One of the biggest myths in travel is that taking that adventure of a lifetime will be expensive. We offer some tips and advice on how to go about affording overlanding, travelling, backpacking or whatever you want to call it.

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