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Upshift Online magazineWomen Adventure riders magazine online magazine for overlanders and travellersADV road magazine
Adv Dreaming Travel, Eat, Sleep, Repeat 

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I can I will Women Overlanding the World

"I Can, I Will: Women Overlanding the World" is a photo-rich book, a collection of stories and life-lessons from women travelling the world in their cars, trucks, vans, on motorcycles and bicycles. This book will not just inspire you through the adventures of these unconventional heroes but it is also an artefact, a collection of photos taken in places that most people don't get an opportunity to see and stories of women doing things most people will never do.
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Superbikemaganizesa  ROAD BOOK - Viaggi e scoperte in moto. Un lifestlye magazine che informa ed ispira motociclisti viaggiatori con straordinarie reportage di avventure in moto e a prescindere che queste si svolgono sulle strade bianche della Toscana o su una mulattiera sulle Himalaya.

Road Trip magazine - FranceAdventure bike rider - Abr

     South African magazine Offroad & Adventure SA

360 magazine interview - PikiPiki  Overland Magazine