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Money, travel & health insurance, Carne de passage and everything else to do before and during travelling and overlanding the globe.

Different ways of jumping the Darien Gap

We added our option to the list of ways to cross the Darien Gap between Panama and Colombia. AdventureRiderRadio wrote this great article on different ways to cross the gap for overlanders.

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world nomads - medical travel insurance

Travel medical health insurance why you need to consider it.

Travel Medical Insurance is one of the last things we thought about that much and normally just pay it and get it over with. We should have covered this topic a long time ago as it’s such an important part of overlanding and travel. But better late than never? Travel […]

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tips carrying money when travelling abroad

Carrying Money

Dollars, travellers cheques or bags of sugar to trade? Credit cards or Debit cards? We have found that Master card does not work in many places. Visa is accepted at more places in Africa. When using internet rather use master card as the limits can be set and you will not […]

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mobile data charges travelling abroad how to limit cost

Limit data & call charges when travelling

There is nothing that can ruin a trip and holiday like exorbitantly high cellphone bills. The best and first advice always is to take your sim card out of your mobile phone or just keep it switched off.

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carnet de passage passport document for vehicles overland travel

Carnet de Passage and other must have documents

Well, do you go the Carnet route or not? The passport for your vehicle. For most of the countries in Africa, South Africans do not need to obtain a Carnet de Passage or the expense. The Carnet de passage do speed up time at border posts though. The biggest hassle […]

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