Entries exploring Italy’s romantic old cities and back country.

Italian auto – Visual stimulation.

The lifestyle of the unemployed. There’s those with unlimited funds, no boring 9 to 5ér. Those are the upper class crust who does not need to work, the well heeled life of the unemployed. The people who enjoy the lazy pampered life on a yacht in the Mediterranean or sipping […]

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5 Reasons why you should tour Italy by motorcycle. PART 2 NOV- DEC 2012

I know it has been a long time since our last update, but here goes. There’s probably an endless list of reasons why travelling Italy by motorcycle should be on any persons bucket list. For good measure I will list just five reasons. We could not in our wildest dreams […]

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Italy- We came for some wine and pizza part1 Nov-2012

The Gran Bretagna docked late in the afternoon in Solerno, a small coastal town on the West coast of Italy. We have been sleeping and eating the time away on the Ro-Ro for 4 days since leaving Ashdod in Israel.

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