Share the love!!

Along the way we have met with so many amazing people that are doing their bit to make the world a better place. To help them and support them from our side, this page is dedicated to them and the causes they support.

Below are some of the wonderful people and the good causes they so selfishly contribute their time to.

We have heard horror stories of travellers using a “cause” to supplement income and grow a following. Sometimes 90% of the collections goes towards “admin fees” and 10% may reach the organisation. That is not how the bees make honey!

The best way we can do our bit is to tell you about the people we have actually met and their love and dedication.

We receive no fees, commissions or any other monetary value from anyone, and we do not collect any funds for any organisation.
 The ones listed are people and places we have met and know.


The idea is that you contact those listed if you feel you want to contribute or help in any way.

Lucky Dog Project Mexico
Edilberta Marquez-Lynch is one of the co-founders of Lucky Dog project in Mexico. 
The goal of "Lucky Dog Project" is to sterilize homeless dogs and cats by marking them with a notch. We do mark the dog or cat with a notch on their ears. Left ear Female and Male Right ear

Alzheimer's association

Due to Alzheimer’s our good friend Mark Donham has had a personal experience with this disease. He has been involved with them and helping out for quite some time.

AEMA – Association Entiende Mi Silencio 

Karla Chacón  is the director of AEMS Asoc. Entiende Mi Silencio (Understand my silence) Refuge for injured dogs and cats.  Our dear Sigrid Vogel is supporting them in Guatemala.

Doctors without borders - friends of MSFOur mission is to improve medical services for children in developing countries. We aim to advance health care by education, demonstration and skill transfer to local health care professionals.

Our mad-hat friends and both Doctors Megan and Matthew aka TheGreatworldTrek have helped raise money for Doctors without borders and Kind cuts for kids.

When we travelled Uganda we spend a week in Bwindi forest close to where the Gorilla camp is. The Bwindi Orphans is located next to the reserve. They do wonderful work since 2006 with orphan kids in the area.
Bwindi Orphans is an employee about a dozen dedicated volunteers in the Czech Republic and two colleagues in Uganda. The organization was founded in 2006 as a civic association, from January 1, 2014 is registered as a public benefit corporation headquartered in Střelice u Brna.”