Sudan – Debilitating heat, sand as far as the eye can see with the most generous friendly inviting people on the African continent. Our travel stories from this wonderful country.

There’s a special heaven for Sudanese Part2 10/04/2012

We have lost so much time with waiting for spares we had to make up some distance through the northern part of Sudan on our way to Egypt. The days were still as hot as hell and we kept riding to early mornings and then again in late afternoons.

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There’s a special heaven for Sudanese 10/04/2012

Yes, yes I know, they are in conflict with South Sudan for oil, and from what the media dish up that must make most of the people of Sudan evil heartless bastards. It cannot be further the truth. It took us some time to wrap our minds around the dynamics […]

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Hundred Men and Five Fishes – Directed by Osman from the Red Sea (27/03/2012)

By ‘good chance’ Michnus’ bike left us cooling it in front of a very small “Coffe Shop” ran by Ethiopian and Sudanese girls. The coffee shop is an old house with all the rooms opening up into a small courtyard, and each room has a couple of couches and low […]

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Sweet Sudan … 25/03/2012

Sudan is a wonderful surprise; you hear ‘Welcome to Sudan’ and ‘Do you like Sudan’ everywhere. The food is a blend of Turkish, Western and local dishes. And, for the pastries … we try it all! Sinful pastries of Sudan!

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