Vagabonds unite!

We met up with Johan, the sleepy guy in the tent, a Belgian, and his friends Stefan and Stefanie also Belgians. They quit their jobs to travel for 9 month down to SA.

James UK traveller

James came down the East side of Africa with his normal 2001 GS heading towards SA. He started 2009 August.

Ted the Traveller from UK

Ted also came down the East Coast and also quit his job to do this trip. He travelled South America and Europe before trying Africa. He insisted a DRZ is the bike to do this trip and it is still going strong. Some of us disagree but with the Dakar breaking all over the show we can’t argue.

Thomas is an optician and bought this truck in East Germany. Loaded his bike and came down to SA from where he went back to Malawi and is still in Malawi. He married Ruth. she did a solo trip on a Transalp around Aus, Tanzania, New Zealand, and then the East. She also ended her trip in Malawi and the Transalp are still her only bike.

Pedro, Helder, Paulo,Alfredo shipped their bikes to Moz and then rode all the way to Angola one of them with a quad. Also in the picture is Agustho who rides a Harley he bought 20 years ago[/full_width].

Jenson Button aka The Neill

Jenson Button aka the Neill. Travelling, no adventuring around SADEC countries on this old XT. You need a new bike Neil!!

Martijn and Wibien with their 1970 VW

Martijn a Dutch citizen, bought the VW for a song in Namibia while working for a NGO, he convinced Wibien a dentist to stop her work in Holland and both set off with the 1600cc 1970 VW overland back to Holland. We keep meeting each other on the road as they are taking the same route as us up through Africa.

Deniz and Elif with their Triumph Scrambler

They are tour guides from Turkey travelling down through Africa to Cape Town on their Triumph Scrambler.

Marcus and Carina the Estonians

Marcus and Carina, Estonians sold up everything years ago to travel the world on their 1100GS. He is a Physicist and she does translations. They are heading to SA and from there back home. Can follow them:


Yami is a Fin travelling from Europe to SA and then who knows where. Broke part of his Tenere in the White desert in Egypt.


Martin is a German that did a lot of backpacking around the world and decided a bike is the better way of travelling. Also heading towards SA and then up the Westcoast of SA.

Crazy Swiss that went through the Middle East to get to Africa. He will be going up the West of Africa back to Europe. Follow him on or

Big ass bird mobile Neil and Silvi worked in UK for 5 years and decided it was time to go home to SA but do it the fun way.

Mark & Brigitte

Seasoned travellers from Germany, Mark and Brigitte have done entire Africa since there were still real dictators running this continent. They spend nearly a year in India.

Rob the Canadian

6 month trip from Canada to South America and then from SA to Kenya. Loves sipping Jack Daniels.

Antoine and Carlene the two crazy bicycle riders. They have cycled all the way from Ethiopia back to Europe and through Sudan.

These crazy bicycle addicts pedalled from Ireland to Europe then flew to Ethiopia and peddled back to Europe. They were heavier on food that our bikes were on fuel.

Wim, Annelies, Wim and Rahel.

Wim and Annelies toured from Holland to SA in an old Iveco camper and Rahel and old Wim are the owners of Wim’s Holland house in Addis.

We met up with Johannes and Birgit in Addis as they also stored their old R80 BMW’s with Wim. They have been travelling Africa on and off for the last few years. Birgit must be one of the only women I know that have survived Van Zyl’s pass in Namibia with a bike and no back up.

Emma and Georg cavorted in Oman then Ethiopia and then to Jordan to help with Syrian refugees. Tough as nails world citizens these two.

Bad-ass Nissan patrol took them from Berlin to South Africa. They know how to enjoy a good reggae party.

Bernt and Elke took to Africa with their Nissan big ass Patrol. They travel the way it is supposed to be done. Slow go, park the car and come back for more.

hank high mile

Having done 500000 miles with his GS this badass bike shop owner from Texas is a well-worn overlander. We met in Africa when his bike clocked over to 500000miles.

In needing help when doing the South America to Alaska route contact him.

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