South America

All the travelogues trip information and adventures of our motorcycle overlanding trip in South America

Allan karl Worldrider chat Michnus Elsebie PikiPikiOverland

Chat with Allan Karl – All the moto travel nonsense

Going for almost 9 months in Bolivia at the time of the interview we have already been sitting in Sucre for 6 of those months. The rules in Sucre were quite strict, only one person in a household allowed to go out on a certain day for 2hours per week. Although a boring, suck the soul out of your experience we met so many incredible warm-hearted people in Sucre that […]

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Roadbook magazine motorcycle travel interview video pikipiki

RoadBook magazine South America Interview

Roadbook is one of the finest motorcycle adventure magazines in Italy. They asked us a few questions on the lockdown and our trip through South America in the last few months. Although in lockdown there is always stuff happening.We discuss what will happen after lockdown, how will travel change in the future. 

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Upshift Online South America best mountain passes PikiPiki overland

Upshift-Online South America best passes

This edition we share some of the nicest and grooviest mountains passes we rode in the last 4 years in South America.All those passes that will leave a grin on the face for a very long time. The ones that scare the sweat out of your eye and those that leave you breathless from the dramatic and mindbendinlgy beautiful landscapes.

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Gravel Travel podcast with JJ le Roux

Podcast with JJ le Roux – Gravel Travel

JJ is a soundmixer with a love of adventure motorbiking. Sharing his love for podcasts and stories it is a great match to start a podcast hosting travellers and their stories. We had the honor to be the first on his show. We chatted about the lockdown and the riding around this big rock of us as a couple and everything going with that.The 2nd episode in a while.Please subscribe to […]

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ARR Podcast Adventure rider radio PikiPiki overland

Adventure Rider Radio Interview

We had such a fun chat with Jim Martin from Adventure Rider Radio about bike choices, travel funding, South America culture, people and landscapes, the unexpected stuff happing with travelers, just about everything motorcycle and travel related. And of course a bit about the crazy C-thing.I hope you enjoy it, and if you have questions please feel free to chat with us.  Just a little bit info on about Advriderradio, Jim […]

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Willys Jeep Colombia's love affair with this USA icon

The story of Willys Jeep, Colombia’s beloved metal mule

Why and how did the Willys Jeep became so loved in Colombia? The first USA military WW2 Jeeps (M38 or CJ-2A models) arrived to Colombia in 1946 for military purposes as at the time the USA had a massive oversupply of the Jeeps. They were imported by the Colombian Ministry of Defence for the army but apparently never used for war purposes though. It also seem many civilian Willys Jeeps […]

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Coffee: Peruvian Style - KLIM Adventure Blend-cafe-coffee-cafetera-Peru-pikipikioverland

Coffee: Peruvian Style

Coffee fix: Peruvian Style It took a few weeks of moaning, well strong words were used too, before we figured out how the coffee culture in Peru works.  Arriving from neighbouring country, Ecuador and spending about 6 months in Colombia prior to that, the instant coffee given to us when we ordered coffee in general was more than just a disappointment it was an insult to the coffee culture.  Especially […]

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