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Travel is about exploring new tastes and savoring exotic cuisines  while sipping on a Carajillo. We  love to try and enjoy as much local flavour as possible. In fact we are avid supporters to fellow travellers to get stuck into local foods.

Okay, so the Injera is getting too hot and you had enough of kid goat and so you might want to do a bit of flambe cherries every now and then. You can’t deal with Injera anymore. Well it’s easy and cooking stuff does not need to take up much space. Preparing your own food on a trip can drastically help keeping cost to a minimum.
sea-to-summit-1-2Here is a short report on the ATG multi fuel stove that has been with us for the 15 months travelling. Multi fuel stoves are really the best option for long term travel and camping. Some are able to use Butane/ Propane canisters as well as petrol.

Cooking stuff:sea-to-summit-1
  • We had a plate made up for us of 5mm Aluminium and Teflon coated as non-stick and use a Billy grip as handle. This plate eventually became one of our most used items. From frying eggs to grilled prawns.
  • We got onto the Sea-to-Summit X-pot range. The innovative silicone collapsible design really makes these pot range one of the most compact options on the market.  We have been using them for 7 months every day and they kept up well so far. It’s really good quality stuff and worth the money.
  • Big tip we got from a friend to use a long stem spoon instead of a normal spoon.
  • Leatherman as a knife and add a short stem fork.
  • Light weight grid for grilling road kill.
  • Coffee maker, we swapped our old trusty one for a Kahawa kit and a Handpresso espresso coffee maker. Combined both weighs less and packs more compact than the Bialetti.
  • Make use of two stainless steel mugs.


[one_half]atg-adventure-braai-grid[/one_half][one_half_last]Sea to Summit long stem spoon[/one_half_last]

pikipiki-camp food
Not many restaurants boost such views and exclusivity for their patrons




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