We left Addis so excited to be on the bikes again but halfway to Bahir Dar Michnus realized that the legs of his pants was sprayed with oil …. Both the front fork seals were popping out …

” Michnus’ front forks spitting oil onto his pants

Michnus' front forks spitting oil onto his pants
Michnus’ front forks spitting oil onto his pants

Never the less, with my bike hick-cupping (tired battery) and Michnus’ spitting oil we decided to keep heads up and carry on. Unfortunately, it meant that we had to skip our planned visit to Kim&Tim’Village close to Gorgora, but we will be back!

Some pictures from Debre Markos where we stayed over for one night:

Bahir Dar, where we spent a couple of days last time around:

Gonder is the last big town before the border of Sudan. Much smaller than Addis Ababa and with a bit of an ‘touristy’ flavour to it. Centuries ago it was the capital of Ethiopia and the cobble stone roads and castles are evidence of this.

A night out on town gave us a bit of insight into the different classes of people in Ethiopia. Although Ethiopia is a poor country, a lot of people can afford good clothing, taxi rides, cell phones and even a few nights out of town.


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