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There are bucket loads of headlamps on the market. From the cheap and dodgy type to the fake brands and then the real deal headlamps that will perform the way the brand claim and will last for years. Obviously affordability is a big consideration for most people and trying to gauge quality by price is an absolute no-no when deciding on a headlamp.

Led lenser headlamp
Led lenser headlamp seo7r

With headlamps there are a few things to consider when deciding on the one that will spend time with you on a trip.These are some of the points that is important to us.

  • The one reason why headlamps are a good choice for bike trips is that they pack really small and compact.
  • They are much more versatile than a normal torch and can be used hands-free when repairing a puncture in the dark or can be used as a hand held light.
  • Most importantly is the quality and durability of these lamps and they must not fail you when needed.
  • Take the knocks and bruises that come with vibration being on a motorcycle trip.
  • And they must be bright enough to blind a critter for life.
  • Easy charging on the bike or from a USB port.
  • It is a great light for game watching on the roof of a Toyota Landcruiser VX in a Ugandan Nature reserve.
  • Most importantly is the transport lock! Many lights do not have this feature and will accidentally be switched on while in your bag leaving you with a dead light when needed most.

The SEo7 has a rechargeable battery but also allowed three AAA batteries as replacement to the rechargeable unit and the fact it offered the brightest light of the three ranges. This is very important as the light can be charged with the motorcycle charging system from a USB connector.  All of the lamps are fully rainproof and fitted with anti-allergy straps.

The bad: You tend to look like you are wearing your dick on your head, not a suave look when trying to impress the girls.

Head lamp light used as motorcycle headlight
Head lamp light used as motorcycle headlight
  • Advanced Focus System – Spot to Flood Beam
  • Smart Light Technology – Several Light Programs
  • 1 x Glare-free High End Red LED Light to protect night vision
  • Directional Lighting – Lamp Head swivels within an angle of 90 degrees
  • Washable, replaceable, anti-allergic headband designed for comfort
  • Carabiner
  • Transport Lock – prevents light accidentally switching on
  • Lightweight – ideal for extended duration use
  • Casing glows when in use – see and be seen
  • IPX6 – superior dust and water protection
  • 1 x High End Power White LED Light
  • Rechargeable Head Lamp (Mains / USB Charger Included)
  • Constant Current Mode, Energy Saving Mode
  • OptiSense Active Light Measurement Technology – light output adjusts automatically.


There’s as many LED’s available on the market as there are soft drink brands in the world. It is best to choose a brand with a credible LED as their lifespan and performance will perform as claimed and will outlast the cheaper versions by many years.

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Led Lenser SEO 7

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