Our ‘freezer’ arrived while we were at Bwindi and from there we set out together through the forest towards the south.  It’s one of those roads you see on a map that looks like a bad case of varicose veins, and those are the roads we are looking for!! We stopped for boiled egg picnics, some bird watching and picture taking – all in all a wonderful day!

Part 3……………..


  1. Hey Michnus and the rest of the gang!

    This must be your coolest trip report ever huh! Great stuff – this is what life is about eh! How are you ever going to go back to a “normal” life after this? – so just enjoy the experience while it lasts.

    Keep the write-ups coming – look forward to the next one!

    Travel safe, ride safe, have fun!

    Teejay (Wilddogs)

  2. sjoe Michnus – so lekker om jul adventures te lees!!!

  3. An who says you need a 4X4 to overland Africa – if a VW can do it – anything else can do too! I fancied those shoes. Elsabie – very happy that you survived. Safe journey guys.

  4. Trek jou hemp uit as jy wil he die silverbacks moet kom kuier!!!!!
    Die skildenaar kan maar op jou voorlig ook skilder, hy het net ‘n nat vinger nodig….

    Groente uit Oos London ( Gee so week kennis voor jy terug is sodat ek betyds die squatters uit jou huis kan jaag. )

  5. Wow again!

    This truly is an amazing adventure that you guys are having. It’s hard to sit here in front of a PC in the concrete jungle we work in and read this.

    Ride safe and enjoy!

  6. Wow. so awesome. This is the stuff of dreams…. and biltong.

  7. Hey guy’s, fantastic to be able to sit in the office and enjoy your travel stories… really good for the soul.
    Travel safe and go slowly Slowly…….

  8. Back in 2004 we got a special group price of 100$ (usd) to enter the gorilla sanctuary from the DRC (Near Bukavu). You could also enter from Rwanda and Uganda. However, sad to say but I thought I would get another change and then our demolition team moved to the Western DRC (Mbandaka) Don’t know how they got to this ridiculous 500$, possibly an ‘American mastermind’ behind it….However, I just love your blog!

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