Right now we are back home. Home sweet home! Well just for a visit. We are long-term nomads we suppose, ‘visiting’ home is more accurate than saying we are home. We came back to South Africa for a few months to visit the precious ones and to of course ensure our income stream is still going. Currently, our motorcycles are patiently waiting for us in Cuzco, Peru and we hope to reunite with them by the end of September for some more spectacular Peruvian adventure riding.”

What we have learned travelling the world on motorcycles the last 8 years

“We are Michnus and Elsebie, and our passions are motorcycle overland travel, amateur’ish photography, drinking beer and hitting up friendships with quirky people. We are the seventh or eighth generation born and bred South Africans hailing from East London. We did have a look for that long-lost aunt with the vila in France but unfortunately couldn’t find anything of the sort. In 2010 we left our ‘office careers’ and at the combined age of ninety decided it was time to travel.”

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