What can be better than that? Sure real boobs would make a difference!

We stayed over in Ai-Ais, the revamped Ai-Ais that is. They say it took R30milj to get the place in tip top shape again, it definitely shows. It’s a great place to relax for a day or so and enjoy the moon-like surroundings.

Spectacular Fishriver Canyon, it’s mind blowing.

On our way to Aus we found a place called the Cañon Roadhouse. Old rusted cars, engines, stickers and everything from way past when. It’s unbelievable that they were able to put this together in the middle of nowhere. Any real man deserve a garage like this, even the toilets are a work of art. Why do we not get adverts like this anymore? Bloody feminist crusaders!


Just outside the Fish River canyon we stop at this French couple cycling all the way from France to CP. The spirit and friendliness of travellers always amazes me. Maybe they are just a different breed of person, as they always seem in good spirit. This is hard core balls to the wall travelling and way past my abilities, respect, that’s all I can say. He came down the West coast and had zero troubles, she joined him in Lusaka and they pedal around 100km per day, eating 5 times a day mostly rice.


In Seeheim we stopped for petrol just to be told by Marinda that they prefer not to supply bikes with petrol. The oke’s that did “Op die rug van ‘n Ysterperd of Donkie of iets” that was aired on Kyk-net said they got dirty fuel from Seeheim Hotel. What they did not air is that the Seeheim owners supply fuel as emergency only, they are not a proper fuel stop and cart fuel in drums from Keetmanshoop to assist people in need. Serious journalist error in my opinion. Locals around the area as far as Aus know about this and are not in the least happy about this program. Seeheim’ owners were told by friends that this program aired them and not once did they even make an attempt to contact them for comment. Some of the comments from the locals were rightly, why only one bike if all the bikes got petrol from Seeheim, from the same container?

With some convincing she gave us each 5L of fuel – no sand included. My comment: “not all of us are like that”



This trip is not about hard core testosterone riding. Although I hope we would get some excitement along the way to take away the boredom of some of the roads. We read up in some magazine the way to Sossusvlei is best riding the D707 that run along the edge of the park. It’s also on this road that I had my wish come true for a bit of excitement.

In Ai-Ais we were asked whether we are part of the 30 GS’s, all French people,  that were doing a loop of SA, Zim, Bots, Zambia and Namibia. Aus’ garage owner told us not to take the D707 … sand, sand, sand, apparently some of the French fell them moer toe on that piece of road and one pillion broke a collar bone. Well, that’s the sign right there brothers and sisters!! We had to take this road!


It’s one of those roads where you want to stop every 10 minutes and take pictures. Breath taking views, I stopped taking pictures knowing that my amateurish attempts will just not do justice to this place. I just took it all in and enjoyed the moment.

I understand why so many people get injured in Namibia on bikes and why the locals keep telling us about people blikseming the dirt. The broad long stretched out roads lures you to go faster and faster and then you hit a sand patch and everything goes belly up. For new riders or ego laaities it’s the biggest danger.

As we rode into Betta we saw this young dirty Jenson Button look-a-like named Neil with a oooold XT500 6Volt bike. He started riding bike a few months ago after drooling over Nardus’ ride report on his Africa travels. Nardus is his all-time biggest hero, he nearly gave up his religion for Nardus and travelling. It inspired him so much he just had to do something similar, except he does not have the funds or time for the entire Africa he will do a loop of Namib, Zambia, Malawi and back SA.


  1. Namibie is op my to-do lys, daai lang oop vlaktes roep my.

    Sterkte, hoop die shock hou!

  2. Soos Nicki sê, ek hoop daai shock hou, maar aan die einde van die dag is dit deel van die avontuur, solank dit net nie die trip kniehalter nie.

    Ry veilig julle, en &*^(^&_(* geniet dit!!

  3. Awesome all — we are with you all in mind and GREEN with Envy—-

  4. Michnus, thanks! Jy verstaan waaroor dit gaan. Minimalistiese toer, dit is die kuns van die lewe. Ek geniet die so baie! ek gaan een van die da nam toe, tot bo by epupa en terug oor vansyls pass.

  5. Hi both,

    Achim today sent the link to me. He shouldn’t do because now I’m sooooooo jealous! 🙂
    Enjoy the sun and take your time in Africa. In Germany the winter shows his anti-biking-face with snow and temperatures between -10 and -20°C.
    We are looking forward to meet you here next year when the sun is shining again.

    keep on posting to make me even more jealous! *thumbsup*

    see you!

  6. Well done so far. Keep it up. The photos I mean.

    Ride save!

  7. Damn, so kewl. You guys are living a dream. I hope that you enjoy every minute of it. (Actually I know you will cause you are Mr Hungus sp?)

    Loving this, be safe and enojoy…

  8. Piele, my bru !!!!!!!!

  9. Your reports bring the whole trip alive for us desk jockeys. We are with you in spirit.

    Now that the bug has bitten, are 5 months going to be enough?

  10. Great stuff julle twee!!!

    Thanks dat ons kan saam ry.

  11. Beaut trip so far. Enjoy and keep posting.

  12. nicely done you two. safe travels..

  13. Lekker julle, ons reis saam met julle, kan nie wag vir die volgende update nie!!

    Namibia to do is getting stronger and stronger…..

  14. Ag julle, ons is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo groen! My hart trek met ‘n punt.

    Ek weet jul geniet elke oomblik, so, gaan voort!


  15. Lekker julle outjies. Stunning fodies. Ry mooi en geniet!!!!!

  16. Hi Julle

    Great foto’s. Julle moet dit verskriklik geniet en hou die “rubber side down”.

    Ek is @#$%^&*&^ jaloers



  17. …..since days, just the boobs. Where are you guys? Tanja and me would love to be with you.
    Enjoy the time and ride safe, that we get the four of you here in one piece.
    Hugs and Kisses, Tanja + Achim

  18. Dit klink great – Michnus jy skryf so lekker en met die foto’s voel dit amper asof mens self daar is!!!

  19. Hi Harry & Linny

    What an adventure, you are so right, the more you take on in life the smaller you feel, or we realize we actually are small!!!!

    I hope you have a great trip, stay safe & just dam f!@#$% well love every minute of it!!!!!

    Harry are you still enjoying the 2L crackling , I might just be convinced to taste a glass myself, I fear it may have damaged parts of your brain, definitely the the part related to” flee or fight “!!! Rather daring I might say old chap!!!

    Love it!!!
    Shawn Blignaut

  20. Good on ya guy’s enjoy. Your trip is what dreams are made of.

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