Photo essay of the spectacular BMW Welt. Get a drink and take stroll.

Impressive, mind-blowing, jaw drop, just some of the words that does not begin to describe the incredible size and magnitude of this auto maker museum visitors centre that BMW – Welt made possible. Everybody knows BMW, it’s like Coca-Cola they are everywhere. Only when wandering through the museum and visitors area does the reality of how much BMW has achieved over the years hit home. BMW has built a very long and rich history over the last century. Not just with cars but also motorcycles and at one stage aeroplane engines.


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BMW Welt in Germany and the famous four circle building.

 All the other auto and motorcycle museums we have seen so far, BMW has outdone all of them. They have really spend mega money and effort to showcase their history and brand. And for all that they do not overcharge on entrance like some other brands.

There‘s three building or parts. The BMW Welt visitors area, the museum and the factory part.

It is close to a full daygermany-bmw welt-pikipiki (16) excursion to get through the entire place, it includes a delivery center where as many as 100 new customers pick up their new cars every day, as well as interactive exhibits showcasing the company’s operations in R&D, design and production, and as concert venues and conference rooms.

The neighboring BMW Museum host 120 original exhibits covering 90 years of BMW history laid out on a virtual roadway across 25 exhibition areas. Finally, visitors can also tour the company’s main plant in Munich.

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bmw 1956 507

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BMW HP2 – One special motorcycle.

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Visitors enters at BMW Welt visitor centre. There’s a restaurant with shops and where new buyers receive their cars. Every now and then visitors gets treated to a bike show with a helluva accomplished rider going up and down the stairs at brisk speed and then do stoppies on his way down. An old BMW Isetta ferry kiddies around the building on a joy ride.germany-bmw welt-pikipiki (3)

BMW Welt – motorcycle stunt show

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The museum is across the road and  host BMW Motorrad, BMW auto and Roll Royce.germany-bmw welt-pikipiki (62)I took some time to try and understand how de hell they got a buffalo to resemble a HP2.

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279km/h in 1922 from a 750cc machine. Not too shabby.

The wall of motorcycles This is part of a wall 2 stories high with the entire motorcycles model range BMW have built.
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The one model range that made BMW Motorrad famous. The GS.

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Top floor of the motorcycle wall. Below there’s more bikes fixed to the wall.

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germany-bmw welt-pikipiki (31)


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BMW Welt where new owners can collect their cars.

more……the Dakar bikes..


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