Damara for cold beers and motorbikes

Swakopmund certainly is picturesque with street cafes, restaurants, good Eisbein and even bad tempered Germans!  Without boring you, a must visit is the Village Café enough data to send you too many pictures, but definitely worth a visit, the best food and value for money!) Also the best pizza we ever had was at Wurstbude on Vrede-Redestreet (thanks for the referral, Mr Big!).



Met up with Neill again as well as 3 Belgium travellers at the Desert Sky Backpackers and enjoyed a lovely evening together , swapping stories and solving some of Africa’s problems.  Our new Belgium friends travelled one by motorbike and a couple in a Toyota Land Cruiser and just came down the eastern side of Africa.All of them in their early 30’s have saved up, quit their jobs and embark on this new adventure.

himba art
himba art

For them quitting a job is not a problem, they know they will find employment in Europe on their return after 9 months. It’s in stark contrast with the way we as South Africans go about our lives and decision making with regards to our future and how we live it. Just telling them we are taking 5 months had them laughing, it’s supposed to be 9 months to a year they say! ‘What do you want to see in 5 months’ they smirked.

With the hot dry summer wind in our faces, we hit the dirt roads again, passing numerous road graders.  Now, a bad dirt road is okay but one that has just been graded is well … interesting. Good for cars but we had to work our asses off sliding over the new gravel with zero hard pack line to follow!It still beat the best day at the office and after a day’s riding with dust in the teeth, it’s great to gulp down a!khai!khari!

Damaraland vistas

The Northern side of Namibia is showing a lot of development since we last toured here 15 years ago (now we are giving our ages away!). Henties Bay expanded quite a bit, lodges popped up everywhere along the river and scenic views. Lost is the ‘rough’ camping, hello to cool swimming pools, even cocktails, fancy restaurants and entertainment, there’s lodges and camping everywhere! The camp sites all are in very good shape and affordable.

One sad thing about returning to Namibia is to see the influence that tourism has had on the local tribes.  It is not entertainment to see the Himba (apparently the oldest Herero tribe) setting up ‘come see us’ shacks along the main routes – dancing in the road to attract attention, just like street beggars next to traffic lights, child on the hip. At least the crafts on sale areal actually made by themselves.  Numerous curios shacks also line the once deserted roads.  One even said ‘do not take a picture, come and see us inside’. Guess there’s positives and negatives for this. The influence of main stream tourism on this region has changed them forever.


  1. Glad you managed to find Wurstbude!
    Not sure how many pizza’s lie in you immediate future so hope you made the best of it.

    All the best for the next section and thanks for taking the time to post updates.

  2. I can feel the heat just looking at your great photo’s … You don’t need photography lessons when you are “In” the photo….. Take care and be safe!

  3. Dieter Schlehmeyer

    Eish, I am longing to go to Namibia again!!!!!!! Was there during the war and again when I had an overland tour going in 1990. Eish.
    Enjoy the trip. I will follow closely.

  4. No matter where you are from, or where you have been – Namibia remains Koning !!!

  5. The feeling of space and distance in your photos is overwhelming and so beautiful

  6. Joe! wat a journey thusfar! Agree with Dieter – looking forward to a trip to Namibia. Compliments on those photo’s!

  7. Hey Michnus, I don’t believe it! I just saw your entry on facebook and now I am seeing your are off already and do it!!! 😉 Cool! Really!! Wish you all the best!! You, your wife and the couple that joins you!! It’s going to be great!! Will subscribe and follow. Cheers, Alex (the German wih no hair..)

  8. Paradise on earth so look fwd to see you in 9 months! R pages not missing yet?

  9. Good going my friend. Namibia is a stunning place. Enjoy!

  10. Unbelieveable pics! have fun.

  11. Hi Harry en Linda
    Gedink ek moet jul bietjie in Afrikaans strekte en voorspoed toewens. Geniet elke oomblik. Dink baie aan julle. Groete
    Adriaan & Carin

  12. Howzit

    Hey Michnus & Kie

    Geseënde Kersfees en Voorspoedige 2011.

    Veilig ry, en hoop om julle weer eendag te sien.

    Geniet Kersdag met ‘n paar koues iewers op ‘n asemrowende plek en ding aan ons arme bliks3ms wat by die huis in Gauteng sit en na beton mure staar.

    Julle moet ENJOY!


  13. JULLe moet regtig elke oomblik enjoy dit klink so opwindend

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