This time round we were lucky to end up celebrating Dia de Los Muertos in Oaxaca, Mexico. It is a completely different vibe than St Miguel de Allende where we attended our first festival in 2015.

“A burgeoning cultural and culinary capital with a beautiful colonial core of lovely, tree-shaded streets, Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s most captivating cities. Artists and artisans alike are inspired by the area’s creative atmosphere, indigenous traditions and bright, clear light. Oaxaca has top-class museums, charming inns, fascinating markets and its own superb version of Mexican cuisine. The easygoing pace frequently breaks out into the fireworks of a fiesta, and there’s some brightly colored event unfolding in the streets or the Zócalo (Oaxaca’s lovely central square) almost every day.”
Cited Lonely Planet

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Celebrating Day of the Dead is still a big part of Mexican culture and dead serious business for locals. The elderly lady was sitting quietly at the grave with chaos going on around her.

Dad at a childs grave. It is heartbreaking seeing parents at childrens graves.

It is said at this cemetery they lit a 1000 candles. It is quite a spectacle to witness.

Overall Dia de Muertos is a lively affair with marches and bands playing the streets everyday. People are dressed to kill wearing elaborate face paintings.


Although a serious festival it’s as much about love and fun.



  1. That is a must stop for me one day. Thanks for the post.

  2. You have to Eric you will really enjoy it!

  3. Yea, I hope I catch it when I do my trip next year, would love to see it.
    Great photos Michnus.

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