Lake Bunyonyi area(no not Benoni!) shows the intensive farming and tree felling in full force. We camped at an overland spot with a good view of this crater lake and its activities.

As usual we got away late and had to find a place to sleep near Mburo game park. And with standard practice the privately run lodges are situated inside the national parks. We ended up at the gate of Mburo just to be told to pay again for entry. Well, no, how about we just camp here at your gate?! Not at all came the answer. After a bit of debating and persuasion from us the second gate keeper allowed us to set up camp behind his house.


The one engine broke and they had to replace it. In German timing a new engine arrived and two hours later we were on our way. The ferry is for free and runs every two hours. And then we got the lake flies every where. They are indeed small and gets into your nose, eyes, mouth everywhere they can get a place to sit.


  1. Brilliant! Thanks for posting.

  2. Wow awesome! Firstly, thanks again for taking the time and effort to document your travels. It’s such a treat to not only see your photos but also to get a first-hand account of your adventures.

    Uganda looks like a fantastic biking destination – something I would never have imagined.
    It’s refreshing that you took the time to explore the country to the fullest and didn’t just fly through it like most overlanders do. Good luck with the next stretch and we’re looking forward to reading about it!

  3. Brilliant stuff! Thanks for the effort toput everything together!!

  4. Yup, another half hour reading and dreaming! Thanks guys…..

  5. Wow guys! What a trip! So jealous – the rest of us are slaving away in an office!

    Glad you got away safely from the “crime scene”!

    Travel safely!

  6. What an experience.Have a safe journey.Also thanks for the comments and photos

  7. Where was Lils and Harry whilst you were in Uganda?

  8. Michnus and Elsabie – how can I not comment on Part 3 – the combination of your experiences and the description thereof becomes part of our own experiences – thank you all for your dedication to keep on sharing this with us. BTW (not VAT) are you joining up with Harry and LInda again. Best regards and travel safely.

  9. Wow, bring back memories….sweet memories. I was fortunate to have worked there but a trip like yours with time on your side, it must be heaven! Good luck, have fun and enjoy the rest!

  10. MIchnus, you are very funny !!

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